Confindustria Assafrica and Mediterraneo: the working groups to define the new lines of strategic development start.

Yesterday, 30 January, the annual assembly of Confindustria Assafrica

Libya, where the Internet continues to grow

Despite the ongoing bloody conflict, Libya does not seem to

Visual Networking Index, the focus on Africa and the Middle East

After an initial infographic dedicated to the global highlights

Nigeria and Ghana are working together for the development of ICT

Nigeria and Ghana are among the African countries demonstrating

5G development, too many uncertainties in Europe

5G technology (faster connections) is the future of the TLC industry.

Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, the network’s 2020 horizons

The Visual Networking Index from Cisco (business partner

Internet of Things, the boom is also boosting the need for cybersecurity

The link between the world of IOT and cybersecurity is becoming

Open Cellular, Facebook accelerates on the Internet for all

After and a project relating to drones, Facebook

Vodafone recounts the mobile revolution

Vodafone has set up a multimedia studio with the aim of recounting

Social networks can help Africa to get off the ground

There is no doubt that social networks are an indispensable marketing