Confindustria Assafrica and Mediterraneo: the working groups to define the new lines of strategic development start.

Yesterday, 30 January, the annual assembly of Confindustria Assafrica

eLearnAfrica, the on-line training company expands its network

eLearnAfrica is a social enterprise that aims to increase and

G.Fast, 29 million users by 2021

G.Fast, the DSL standard for high-speed connections can be an

The state of the art of broadband

As is the case every year, the International Telecommunications

Pacific Light Cable Network, Facebook and Google’s submarine project

The new infrastructure, funded by the two technology giants,

VuBlog interview with Stefania Marrocu, Carrier Sales Manager at TWT

TWT is one of  italian leading telecommunications companies,

150 years of transatlantic cables, the future travels under the oceans

In 1866 the first submarine cable able to connect the two shores

How advanced is Italian broadband?

Broadband is now an instrument of growth for all the world’s

United Arab Emirates, a country at the top

Although still classified as a developing country, the United


Giovanni Ottati, Ceo di Vuetel Italia, is the new president of