2017-2021 development plan, economic and political transformation through ICT

BENIN – The five-year plan announced by the government of President Patrice Talon “Benin révélé” (Benin revealed) 2017-2021 has been set out over 45 key projects.

Underpinning the plan is the launch of the economic structural transformation, with the help of private partners who, it is hoped, will help to contribute to 50% of the project funding.
The transformation of the administrative machine, through the computerisation and dissemination of Information and communication technologies (ICT) is one of the strategic points of the government programme.

“The government in Benin intends to use ICT as a catalyst for economic dynamism and modernisation of Benin for the acceleration of economic growth and social inclusion by 2021. The challenge in the medium-term is to transform Benin into a platform of digital services for the whole of Western Africa” according to a presentation of the plan given by the Presidency.

The government announced the widespread availability of access to high-speed Internet and the creation of 90,000 ICT industry jobs. The strengthening of the tax system, the improvement of the business climate, the professionalism of public procurement, tax incentives favouring the private sector, promotion of inter-regional trade and promotion of the processing industry are other key points in the “Benin Révélé” plan.
The plan also provides for a revision of the Constitution and promises to strengthen the ‘counter-power’ institutions as well as improve access to justice.

Patrice Talon, President of Benin since last April, is also known as a business man with numerous business connections in Western Africa.

source:  www.infoafrica.it