Confindustria Assafrica and Mediterraneo: the working groups to define the new lines of strategic development start.

Yesterday, 30 January, the annual assembly of Confindustria Assafrica

slow connection

Internet: how much has the connection speed decreased since the start of the lockdown?

The connection speed in Italy in the early part of 2020 had grown,

coronavirus in africa

Africa and the post-covid: what will remain?

In the weeks (and now a few months) the hopes of epidemiologists


Africa and crisis: what future?

On the African continent, it seems that Covid-19 has a slower

giovanni ottati

Ottati-Assafrica, there is space for Italian companies, but more support is needed

Rome, April 18- "Africa has never really entered the agenda of


Cyber security and coronavirus: the world of work in times of crisis

Cyber ​​security has always been an extremely sensitive key


Italy, UAE and India: a strategic corridor to be designed

The United Arab Emirates today represent a strategic country

ragazza con mascherina protettiva

The health emergency, telecommunications and network infrastructures

The historical period that the whole world is experiencing is


Smart working: advantages, problems and connection infrastructures

Smart work, teleworking, remote work, flexible work. All terms