5G, the big names are positioned to take advantage of the boom

5G technology once again promises to revolutionise the life and habits of the world population. For TLC companies it is an unmissable business opportunity which, according to estimates, will be worth 247 billion dollars by 2025. This is why the major international players have chosen to play in advance and reposition themselves to make the most of the coming boom. 

247 billion in revenues in 2025

According to a study by ABI Research, reported by the Telecoms.com portal, in 2025 the 5G business will produce revenues of about 247 billion dollars; the core markets will be North America, Asia and Western Europe. Experts believe that this new technology will experience much faster growth than that of 3G and 4G. Furthermore, compared to its predecessors, 5G will be more efficient and less harmful to the environment. 

The USA set their sights on leadership

Leadership of 5G is a “national priority” for the United States, as defined by the president of the Federal Communications CommissionTom Wheeler, reported by Key4Biz. Achieving leadership will not, however, be simple. The competitors are, in fact, numerous. Europe, for example, but especially China, which is ready to make huge investments. 

Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei – the big names sniff out the deal

If the world travels quickly towards 5G and the business opportunities are as estimated, the big international telecommunications companies cannot afford to miss the opportunity. They have therefore decided to put in place targeted strategies well in advance so that they are ready to take advantage of the expected boom. Telecompaper makes reference to Ericsson’s choice to review its development strategy, focusing on its cloud and 5GNokia and Turk Telecom, however, as mentioned by the Global Telecoms Business site, with regard to the high speed connections of the future, have decided to build a new partnership. Lastly, Huawei, the emerging mobile giant, has announced plans to gamble on virtual reality, Internet of Things and 5G.