Confindustria Assafrica and Mediterraneo: the working groups to define the new lines of strategic development start.

Yesterday, 30 January, the annual assembly of Confindustria Assafrica

shopping online

Shopping online and cyber security: 12 steps to make it safe

Shopping online is nowadays a very common habit that everyone

Cyber attacks: how are they generated?

It is very common to hear about cyber attacks, but rarely there

global connections

How mobile users will grow in the next years?

The global mobile market is involved in a fast evolution, that

le reseau de l'internet

Internet prices can constrain access in Africa

Internet prices in sub-Saharan Africa vary wildly, from $3037

Sub-Saharan Africa

How much are the TLCs of Sub-Saharan Africa worth?

Analysys Mason, a specialist telecommunications research company

Senegal’s digital weakness

A new infographic from VuBlog which takes an in-depth look at

2022: boom of the mobile in Sub-Saharan Africa

After presenting the Mobility Report by Ericsson dedicated

Unlocking mobiles in rural areas to enhance development

GSMA has published a report dedicated to the development of

The state of the art of broadband

As is the case every year, the International Telecommunications