quantum computer

A leap into the future: what is a quantum computer?

So often on our blog we talk about Artificial Intelligence and technological progress, so let’s see what a quantum computer is.

The origins of this technology are based on an in-depth study that has been going on for a long time. Since the 80’s it has been studied the possibility of creating a computer capable of exploiting the laws of physics and quantum mechanics to overcome the performance of supercomputer, thus coming to touch the artificial intelligence.

A quantum computer is a machine that can process data by using as a fundamental unit the qubit, unlike electronic calculation, at the base of traditional computers, whose basic unit is the bit. Thanks to this, a quantum computer can perform complex calculations in just a few seconds so a modern supercomputer would take years.
At the base of the operation of these prodigious machines there is the possibility of being able to face tasks of very high complexity, simultaneously processing several solutions.


It is important to reiterate that this technology is today in a state that is still embryonic, since the development of these information systems is given by the controlled manipulation of atoms and particles, their connection and communication, and finally the development of suitable algorithms.

The functioning of a quantum computer

The quantum computer works based on two laws of quantum mechanics:

  • The superposition principle: this is the possibility of particles being simultaneously in different states.
  • The quantum correlation (entanglement): expresses the correlation that exists between two particles or two qubits and based on this principle it is possible to know the state of a particle (or qubit) measuring the other with which it has the constraint. In the sphere of information technology it means enormously accelerating the calculation speed.The quantum computer, or quantum computer if you prefer, is a type of machine that uses qubits to perform complex calculations in seconds for which a modern supercomputer would take years.

This is an unimaginable speed for the human mind, a truly immense computing power that, however, currently has to deal with the technological development that, to date, still requires steps forward, but which anticipates what will certainly be our future .