AAE 1, the new giant in optical fibre cables

AAE 1, the third longest submarine optical fibre cable in the world, will be operational at the end of 2016. The new system promises to mark out three new routes connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, providing high-quality connections.

AAE 1, a new big player in telecoms is on its way

By the end of 2016, a new submarine cable will become part of the international network of telecommunications. Named AAE 1, short for Asia Africa Europe, it will not by any means be a secondary infrastructure. With a length of 25 thousand kilometres, it will become the third longest cable in the world. Along its journey, from Hong Kong to France, it will cross 3 continents and 19 countries, stopping at 20 different locations (works have already been completed in 11 of these). A huge ambitious project, which is backed by a team of 14 investing companies. Many strategic countries are involved, and for some AAE 1 represents a true springboard or an opportunity for a re-launch. Take the case of Djibouti, for example, that will become the gateway to the African continent, or Italy, where the number of initiatives are increasing geared to re-establishing its central role in global telecommunications (such as the OHM project, which also includes VueTel Italy).

A high-quality alternative

Through the chosen path, AAE 1 aims to provide telecom operators an alternative route to traditional paths, by now rather congested. And it does so while still providing an anchor to the main continental hubs, as well as a high technological standard. The cable, in fact, will be built with 100 Gbps technology and will have a minimum nominal capacity of 40 terabits. Moreover, this is considered as a key project in many countries with a view to the development of the 5G network, the connection of the future.