Afribiz Trust: fostering the relationship between investors and African entrepreneurs

Afribiz Foundation, multiplying the energies.

Africa, according to a widespread opinion among the world’s leading experts in economics and development, is destined to play a starring role on the international stage in the coming decades. Provided however that it manages to find a way to maximize its potential by going, therefore, along a path of equitable and sustainable growth.

The capacity of the African continent to best use its resources is the theme at the base of the action of the Afribiz Foundation, a social enterprise that operates as a catalyst and facilitator of economic processes, capable of generating growth opportunities for individuals and organizations. The ultimate goal of this activity is to help create a fair people-centered economic ecosystem.


The launch of Afribiz Trust.

One of the tools used by Afribiz is Afribiz Trust, which was launched a few weeks ago and aims to “unlock the latent value of ideas and African resources, to catalyze the continental economy in the next decade and beyond, setting the foundation for generational growth “. “On a practical level,” says Lauri Elliott, CEO and Chairman of Afribiz, “we are able to create synergies between all types of assets, tangible and intangible, in a formal but fluid structure in order to drive economic development.”

The Afribiz Trust project was created in tandem with Kings Counsel and Trust, to which the foundation has linked its works as of 2014. “For us it’s a pleasure to work with Afribiz” says Jim Dygert, Director of Kings Counsel and Trust’s Membership Development, “We know the quality and the experience they have in working with the local populations, with the emerging businesses, as well as their attention to sustainable growth. “

The resources available to Afribiz Trust, which will be operational in all five areas of the African continent, amount to approximately $ 3.5 million, paid out over 12–18 months. Simultaneously Afribiz is working to allocate a further 450 million to finance development projects in the energy, manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure sectors.

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