Africa 1, a submarine cable serving the continent

The new fibre optic cable will see the light at the end of 2018 and will be the largest infrastructure of those that serve the countries bordering the Indian Ocean. A project that is fully integrated with the existing network, able to connect Africa even more to the rest of the world.

The numbers for Africa 1

It will be called Africa 1 because it was designed specifically to raise the continent’s level of connectivity even higher, with the highest growth potential in the field of telecommunications. It is a new fibre-optic submarine cable which will require the involvement of five major international TLC companies to build it: MTN, Telkom, Saudi Telecom Company, Telecom Egypt and PCCW Global. The project provides an infrastructure of more than 13 thousand kilometres in length, capable of reaching 13 different landing points in as many countries, all located between East Africa and South Asia. Africa 1 will have a branch structure. To the north west it will extend within the Suez Canal up to Egypt; to the south it will travel along the East African coast up to South Africa, with a detour towards Mauritius; to the East it will land in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and India. All while perfectly intersecting with the existing cables. Africa 1 will consist of three pairs of fibre optics and is equipped with 100G technology; this will make it, once in operation, the most capacious and powerful in the region.

The South African horizon

The project was greeted particularly favourable by the South African government, who deem it to be a key hub both in terms of strengthening domestic connectivity but also in terms of connections between countries and the rest of the world. To date, the country is one of the most connected on the continent but the road ahead for the Internet for everyone is still long and requires significant investments to be completed.