Africa continues to attract investments

The African continent continues to represent fertile ground for the major companies of the economy and finance. More and more companies are setting their sights on Africa as a market to be explored; more and more investors are focusing on Africa in order to multiply their capital.

EY’s advice for those investing in Africa

Africa’s ability to attract international capital shows no signs of abating. Indeed, the possibilities and opportunities are multiplying. So much so that Ernst&Young, the global finance benchmark has produced a comprehensive handbook on the subject, with data, statistics and analysis.

New life in investments

Aware of its potential, Africa itself is considering how best to maximise this. The portal IT News Africa has dedicated an article to the subject, referring to the analysis and discussion that is being pursued by COMESA, the economic organisation bringing together the countries of South and East Africa.

Italy at the top

Again, according to Ernst&Young, as reported by Info Africa, the country that has been focusing increasingly on Africa is Italy. Within the space of a year, the volume of direct investments in Africa has doubled, reaching a share of 7.4 billion, over 10% of the world total. This translates to 16 new projects initiated and approximately 3,800 new jobs created. The main destination of Italian funds is South Africa, followed by Morocco and Egypt.

Africa in the top five

In light of the above, it is not surprising then that, according to a study by Havas Horizons, the five most attractive countries for investors are all African: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana and Senegal. The research was conducted through interviews with 55 of the largest international investors.

The Chinese paradigm is changing

How are the Chinese companies investing in Africa faring? Substantial capital is coming from the Asian giant into various African regions.  Recently, however, the strategy has changed. It is no longer just about quantity but also and above all about quality. A new paradigm bound to have significant effects, as the website Global Times explains.