Africa in search of the real cloud

Cloud technologies and services can have powerful effects on the socio-economic development of the African continent. There is, however, a need for a regulatory and technical basis to be built, within individual countries and in relations between them, capable of supporting such technologies. VuBlog has an in-depth review on the topic, featuring some interesting articles published on the Internet.

The real cloud

Chris Tredger, wrote an article published on IT Web Africa, which explains why Africa needs a “real” cloud, meaning effective and powerful coverage, with dedicated software and tools, able to really support all companies that choose to invest in this new technology.

Precise rules

In Africa as elsewhere in the world, the development of the cloud brings with it not just technological investments but also an ad hoc regulatory framework that is, where possible, clear and efficient. An article on the portal My Broadband, focuses on this aspect, underlining how the laws relating to privacy and data protection are a variable that has a significant impact on the choice of a reliable cloud provider.

Assisting African women and youths

Could the cloud be used as a tool to fight against the marginalisation of women who live in rural areas of Africa? The answer is, undoubtedly, yes. As reported by the website Diginomica, the Camfed project is demonstrating this and is an example of the social implications that can ensure proper dissemination of cloud services.

Revolutionising education in South Africa

In the same vein, an interesting article from IT News Africa also focuses on the analysis of all the benefits that the cloud, combined with the spread of tablets, can bring to the education system in South Africa. Firstly, reducing the cost of books and teaching materials, but also promoting new dynamics in relationships and cooperation between students, classes and teachers.