Africa, the meeting at Tosetti Value on development and entrepreneurship

In Turin, on May 15, at the Tosetti Value headquarters, the meeting “Africa, responsible development and entrepreneurship prospects” was held.
The focus of the event was to propose a study on Africa and its possibilities for development and expansion.

The participants in the round table were Dario Tosetti, President and CEO of Tosetti Value; Letizia Moratti, founder and President of E4Impact Foundation; Giovanni Ottati President of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo and founder of Vuetel; Lorenzo Vitturi, artist; and finally Andrea Cabrini, Director of ClassCnbc, as moderator.

giovanni ottati e letizia moratti

The event revolved around the food for thought of the project “Money must be made” by the artist Lorenzo Vitturi. Images of objects from the Balogun market of Lagos in Nigeria become here the peephole through which the spectator can observe the socio-economic complexity of the country.

From this focus it was therefore possible to widen the perspective to the wider African geopolitical landscape, complex and full of ideas to determine its growth, in the desire to be able to give life to an added value that brings the African continent towards growth and prosperity.