AfricaCom, the digital innovation meeting in Africa

AfricaCom is one of the most important African events dedicated to new technologies and the digital economy. A two day meeting where more than 10,000 experts in the sector will participate to envision the future of a continent that has already been in the middle of a digital boom for the past few years.

The AfricaCom numbers

From 17 to 19 November Cape Town, in South Africa, will host AfricaCom, one of the largest and most important meetings of the continent, dedicated to new technologies and digital innovation. The central importance of this event, now in its 18th edition, is confirmed by the numbers: more than 10,000 participants, more than 350 speakers and about 375 exhibitors in attendance. AfricaCom is a fundamental chance to meet and compare notes with experts in the ICT sector in this historic phase where Africa is experiencing a real boom in the distribution and use of new technologies, especially those connected to the Internet and mobile devices.


Africa looks to the future

Digitalisation can change the face and future of Africa, contributing to uprooting deep social-economic problems, but it is a process that needs to be managed with care. According to experts and analysts in the sector, an entirely new culture must be constructed, both in terms of public power and private companies. This is an approach that facilitates investments and channels energy. One of the most urgent challenges is to find a way to connect even the most difficult and poorest areas of the continent, the rural areas, through the use of technologies and devices that cut costs and overcome geographical barriers. In order to succeed the key is to work in synergy with the fibre optic network and satellite instruments, a topic which was tackled by one of the AfricaCom panels.