Also Apple relies on the ultra-rapid network

The Cupertino giant is preparing for a heavy infrastructural investment to expand its data centres and create an efficient high-speed network. The company established by Steve Jobs follows in Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft’s wake.

Apple invests in the ultra-rapid network

This news was published first by the site of Bloomberg, world leader of the economic information: Apple is going to invest in the expansion of its data centres and in the creation of a personal ultra-rapid network in support of its products. It is an operation that follows in other web-economy giants’ wake, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon.

This news spread rapidly, even if it has not been confirmed (or denied) officially, and it came just a few months after the announcement made by Cupertino, of 3.9 billion dollars of investments to build new data centres in Arizona, Ireland and Denmark.

For the US Company, it is a strategic move aiming to increase the competitiveness of its cloud services and to support the launching of a new music streaming service.

The plan includes the carrying out of links between the four main data centres of Apple (California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon); in turn, these links are likely to be put in touch with other hubs, along arterial routes where there is the highest customer density. As for the network, the company is said to study the application of ultra-rapid networks capable of carrying hundreds of gigabits per second.


Improving the “customer experience”

The ambitious plan aims to develop the traffic capacity that the company infrastructures can handle, by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Until today, the use of the main Apple services by its consumers, from iTunes to Siri, goes on infrastructures of third-party suppliers. Therefore, the giant founded by Steve Jobs is not able to control one of the most important variables contributing to build the “customer experience” (and so to ensure customer satisfaction and retention): delivery of content.

The choice of Apple, is therefore a necessary step so as not to lose ground with its competitors. On the other hand, the global hanger for connection is growing more and more and companies that want to establish themselves as leading platforms must keep pace. This also explains, for example, the investments announced recently by Microsoft in the field of submarine network. Mountain View Company will invest in the laying of three new transoceanic cables: one under the Pacific and two other under the Atlantic.