August 2016: all TLC & ICT events around the world

Africa, India and Indonesia will play host to 4 of the most important events in the TLC & ICT sector in August. Four events dedicated to the sector’s major operators to discuss and debate, among other things, the key issues relating to technological innovation.

Annual Africa Telecoms Fraud, Revenue Assurance & GRC Forum

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), from the 2nd to 4th August. This is the third edition of the exhibition-conference which brings together all the major operators to discuss and address the issue of fraud and revenue losses impacting large companies. Every year, in fact, African mobile telephone operators lose the equivalent of almost two billion dollars as a result of theft of service and related fraud.

Smart ICT India Conclave

New Delhi (India), 11th August. Smart Cities are continuing to grow, especially in Asia. There is no better context, therefore, to ask how this development can influence sustainability and urban impact.  This important meeting will take place in India and will focus above all on assessing how the ICT sector can improve and support new urban generation.

Asia IOT Business Platform

Jakarta (Indonesia), from the 14th to 18th August. This event, now in its 9th year is dedicated to the value and economic impact of the IOT and M2M solutions in Asia and Indonesia. With a special focus on local telecommunications companies, the agenda will address a number of sessions dedicated to the growth of the IOT, Smart City, industrial IOT, data, cloud and security ecosystem.

India Summit

Mumbai (India), 24th August. This is the largest national conference dedicated to the Internet of Things and M2M. It is no coincidence that India is one of the countries in which technological innovation is developing primarily with regard to IOT. Among the many issues addressed, the event will focus, in particular, on the trends and opportunities of the the IOT and M2M world, as well as on a global scale on the future of IOT in the industrial sector and its impact on the Indian and global economy.