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What do NFTs are?

When we talk about non-fungible tokens, we mean cryptographic assets on blockchains with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that represent ownership of a digital asset. From digital art and published columns, to sports highlights, viral photos, and even memes, NFTs can take the form of […]

Beyond 5G, the new communication standard is ready

The mobile industry’s technology experts have already defined the next standard beyond 5G. It will be 5G-Advanced, according to 3GPP, the organisation of mobile technologists that have been developing successive generations since the late 1990s. The radio access networks unit of 3GPP, chaired by Wanshi Chen (pictured), senior director of technology at Qualcomm Technologies, has […]

Europe, free wifi for all on arrival

The European Commission has invested 133 million euros, over eight thousand municipalities that have obtained the funds to create free wifi networks in public places. Last year the call for tenders that marks the last chapter of Wifi4Eu, the aid program launched by the European Commission in 2018 to finance the installation of public and […]

Invictus – the minirugby tournament is back

As every year, “Invictus” is back, the minirugby tournament that involved over 60 teams of children and boys Under6, Under8, Under10 and Under12 who faced each other on the fields of the Tor di Quinto Sapienza Sport facility. The teams that participated came from Lazio, Campania and Abruzzo to play the games and, like every […]

US Roma Rugby 1947 and Vuetel, partnership renewed

About 80 players, more than 200 people involved in the project, a Seniors team in Serie C, which sees in reconfirmation the coach Claudio Mannucci to his guide, a turnover of 100,000 euros and a stable budget. Read here the press review:   http://www.romanotizie.it/comune/article/l-us-roma-rugby-1947-a-fianco-di-vuetel-apre-la-nuova-stagione-e-si-prepara-a-conquistare-la-serie-b-nel-2019 https://www.le-ultime-notizie.eu/articulo/l-us-roma-rugby-1947-a-fianco-di-vuetel-apre-la-nuova-stagione-e-si-prepara-a-conquistare-la-serie-b-nel-2019/4151317 http://www.goldnews.it/2018/07/12/992/ http://www.greatnews.it/lus-roma-rugby-1947-fianco-vuetel-apre-la-nuova-stagione-si-prepara-conquistare-la-serie-b-nel-2019/ http://www.dotsport.it/144534/us-roma-rugby-vuetel-stagione-2018-2019/ http://www.romatoday.it/sport/us-roma-rugby-1947-impegno-e-passione-societa.html The complete press review