Latest news from Africa and the world of Telecommunications

Africa is hungry for broadband

The development of broadband, in Africa, goes faster than the…
17 April 2015/by VueTel

Africa, 10 stories of leading companies in innovation

Africa changes Africa.
Fast Company, the international magazine…
13 April 2015/by VueTel

Malawi relies on ICT to improve public health

The African country tries to play on the popularity of radio…
13 April 2015/by VueTel

Accenture: the advent of the digital system

TelCo at the centre of the digital system.
Consumers trust…
10 April 2015/by VueTel

Kenya: ICT industry invests in public schools

Once again Kenya plays a leading role amongst African countries…
3 April 2015/by VueTel

Nigeria’s tele-density boom

Tele-density: a global measure of development.
The mobile phone…
3 April 2015/by VueTel

VueTel Italia and Epsilon together to grow in Africa

VueTel Italia chooses Epsilon as its development partner.
30 March 2015/by VueTel

Kenya’s spearheading ICT program

The final stage of Kenya’s National Optic Fibre Backbone Infrastructure…
27 March 2015/by VueTel

VIDEO| SkyTg 24 Economia interviewed Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia

After the serious attack which took place on the 18th March at…
25 March 2015/by VueTel

Afribiz Trust: fostering the relationship between investors and African entrepreneurs

Afribiz Foundation, multiplying the energies.
Africa, according…
25 March 2015/by VueTel

Project Lucy: IBM technology at the service of Africa

Africa’s horizon.
One hundred million dollars of investment…
23 March 2015/by VueTel

Mobile World Congress 2015: the African revolution

MWC2015: the Edge of Innovation
The future of mobile technology…
12 March 2015/by VueTel

ICT Innovation Forum: Kenya as protagonist

This past 2nd and 3rd of March of this year, the Kenyatta International…
12 March 2015/by VueTel