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machine learning and data mining

Machine learning, Edge computing and Serverless: the future of technology

Machine Learning, Edge Computing and Serverless are the three…
9 February 2018/by VueTel

What is 5G?

When we talk about 5G, we are referring to a specific mobile…
6 February 2018/by VueTel
cyber attacks

Cyber attacks: here is what they are and how they work

When we talk about cyber attacks, we are generally referring…
24 January 2018/by VueTel
industrie 4.0

What industry 4.0 speaks about?

When we talk about Industry 4.0, we always refer to the "fourth…
22 January 2018/by VueTel

Business and technology, what’s to change in 2018?

For years, technology has surrounded our lives, changing our…
10 January 2018/by VueTel

Subsea cables and OTTs: where is business going?

Google and other big providers are getting involved in the business…
4 January 2018/by VueTel
secondo mandato giovanni ottati

Assafrica & Mediterraneo, Giovanni Ottati reconfirmed as Chairman

PRESS RELEASE – Giovanni Ottati confirmed as Chairman of Confindustria…
3 January 2018/by VueTel

Machine learning: the strong alliance betweet VueTel and the University of Perugia

Tom's Hardware - Vuetel e Università di Perugia per l'anti-frode…
21 December 2017/by VueTel
artificial intelligence

What are the applications of artificial intelligence?

When we speak of artificial intelligence, many things may come…
21 December 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati e us roma rugby

VueTel and US Roma Rugby 1947: sport, passion and social commitment

Pietralata, in Rome, is a neighbourhood on the city’s east…
15 December 2017/by VueTel
big data

What is Big Data?

Very often in the world of technology we hear the term “Big…
6 December 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

Giovanni Ottati opens the Economic-Mediterranean Forum

Confindustria has organized, in collaboration with ICE AGENZIA,…
4 December 2017/by VueTel
tlc in africa

Telecommunications and high-speed network: Gambia takes a step forward

Gambia is the smallest country on the African continent, completely…
28 November 2017/by VueTel
submarine cables

Submarine cables: odd facts you didn’t know

Submarine cables are what physically represent global connectivity.
14 November 2017/by VueTel
australia and new zealand

The submarine cable for a trans-Pacific connectivity

The Hawaiki submarine cable system successfully landed in Pacific…
7 November 2017/by VueTel