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tunisia faro del mediterraneo

Tunisia, the lighthouse of the Mediterranean

On 14 May, a meeting was held in Florence in the Palazzo Vecchio…
25 May 2018/by VueTel

Video: what is 5G?

We often hear about 5G because it's a technology that will be…
2 May 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati chad

Giovanni Ottati: “Chad is a crucial Country, Italy must invest”

18 April 2018/by VueTel

Video: what is Big Data?

Big Data are a fundamental part of our future, our Network Engineer…
18 April 2018/by VueTel
artificial intelligence and workplace

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and the future of the workplace

When we talk about artificial intelligence, machine learning,…
16 April 2018/by VueTel

How do you defend yourself against cyber attacks?

Alessio Faticoni, our Network Data Manager, shows us how to avoid…
4 April 2018/by VueTel
zelda mencarini

What is Industry 4.0?

Our colleague Zelda Mencarini, Network Engineer, explains in…
22 March 2018/by VueTel
cyber attacks

Cyber security: cyber attacks have by now become a real problem

These days, cyber attacks can no longer be considered an isolated…
15 March 2018/by VueTel
digital transformation

Why digital transformation has changed the industrial sector

We talk of digital transformation when we refer to all the significant…
26 February 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati zimbabwe

Assafrica & Mediterraneo, president Ottati: “Zimbabwe as a hub in southern Africa”

Rome, 21 February 2018- "Four years ago there would not have…
22 February 2018/by Alessandro Pasotti

What does “IoT” stand for?

The term IoT, which stands for Internet of Things, is a term…
16 February 2018/by VueTel

Giovanni Ottati meets Minister of Foreign Affairs Ghandour: “Excellent collaboration, more Italian industry in Sudan”

The businessman and President of Assafrica & Mediterraneo…
9 February 2018/by VueTel
machine learning and data mining

Machine learning, Edge computing and Serverless: the future of technology

Machine Learning, Edge Computing and Serverless are the three…
9 February 2018/by VueTel

What is 5G?

When we talk about 5G, we are referring to a specific mobile…
6 February 2018/by VueTel
cyber attacks

Cyber attacks: here is what they are and how they work

When we talk about cyber attacks, we are generally referring…
24 January 2018/by VueTel