Broadband’s health status across the world

The ITU has published its annual data collection and analysis report on the health status of broadband across the world. A tool unique in its kind thanks to its completeness and depth. It provides a picture of the current take-up of high-speed connections, offering insights on the correlation between access to the network and globally important issues, such as sustainable development and human rights.

The ITU report

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nation’s dedicated ICT agency. The structure is carrying out substantial worldwide analytical and digital development work, condensed into numerous studies and publications. One of the most important works that the ITU publishes annually is the report on the health status of broadband. The 2016 edition of the report was released in recent weeks and is a key document in the industry. Divided into six macro areas, dedicated to as many core themes, the publication also contains a large section with data and statistics relating to Internet and mobile use in various states.

Internet and Development

A part of the ITU report is dedicated to gathering together current growth trends in global connectivity, accompanied by forecasts on future developments. The most substantial section, however, looks at the effects of Internet take-up and new technologies (especially mobile) on sustainable development and the promotion of human rights. Broadband in particular, according to the ITU, can be a real driving force for economic growth, capable of respecting the needs of the environment and social cohesion. 

There is then a section dedicated to analysing the progress made in achieving the goals set by the ITU itself, in terms of access to the Internet, and one which brings together a series of best practices and suggestions for locally feasible policies to promote the development of the network. Finally, a chapter of the report has been written by UNESCO and focuses on the issue of smartcities associated with improving quality of life.