Burkina Faso, the rapid growth of the network

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest African nations and it is the place where mobile technology and Internet use is still quite low. In the rankings established by the Alliance for Affordable Internet, which measures the convenience and accessibility of the network, the country is 46th out of a total of 51 economies analysed (only considering the African nations it is 21st out of 24). However, in the last year the connections growth rate has increased significantly, the sign of a market that is beginning to open up although the numbers are still low. According to the UN Broadband Commission data, for example, only 9.4% of the population has access to the Internet (8.3% of the households). Furthermore, despite the fact that 68% of the residents have a mobile device, only 9.6% have a mobile phone broadband connection.

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