Campus TLC, a digital bridge between young people and work

VueTel Italia is launching Campus TLC, a project aimed at young university students. The purpose of the project is to bring them closer to the telecommunications sector and the professional opportunities that it offers. The online platform has a wealth of information including news, events, advice for job hunting and successful case studies.

Campus TLC: university, training, work and sport

The Campus TLC project is composed of four areas, which are each represented by a section on the website: university, professional training, work and sport. These four key words represent each student’s present and future, and demonstrate the commitment that VueTel Italia wants to make to the students. This corporate social responsibility programme fits perfectly with the company’s values. Ever since its founding, it has chosen to focus on young talented professionals, who are supported through international training courses and career paths.

University is one of the best places for companies and future professionals to meet. Colleges and companies must have as much dialogue as possible in order to connect young people with the world of work. In order to achieve this, VueTel Italia has decided to engage with universities, promoting orientation events and seminars. There is not much awareness about the telecommunications sector in terms of employment. However, as a growing industry it offers great opportunities. On the Campus TLC website sections devoted to training and work, students can find in-depth news, advice and updates about job hunting and work opportunities (at VueTel Italia and elsewhere).

Finally, the metaphor of the sport section is intended to convey the values that are useful in the professional sphere: perseverance, loyalty, a sense of responsibility, the ability to deal with difficulties and teamwork. VueTel Italia has decided to highlight the pairing between work and sport by supporting the CUS Roma Rugby project, as a partner of the Senior squad and jersey sponsor of the Under 18s squad.

The first event is on 21 April at La Sapienza University

The first training event of the Campus TLC project will be held on the 5th of May at the Faculty of Economics of the La Sapienza University of Rome, with which the company is partnering. Participants will be able to talk directly with the management of VueTel Italia, and some of them will also be offered the opportunity to do a work placement at the company, organised as a serious professional training course.