Capacity Africa, the world of Telco is going to meet in Tanzania

The main telecommunications players in Africa will meet in Dar es Saalam to offer wholesale voice and data services.  Two days to discuss the future challenges of the sector and to develop strategies and common views.

The Capacity Africa arrives in Tanzania

Next 8 and 9 September Dar as Saalam, the main city and economic heart of Tanzania, hosts the “Capacity Africa”, an appointment of the cycle “Capacity Conferences” devoted to the African continent. Thanks to this event, the main entrepreneurs working in the African telecommunications business will meet to offer wholesale voice and data services; one of them will be also VueTel Italia whose experience and know-how have allowed it to establish itself, in a few years, as one of the most reliable and esteemed companies in the area.

Dar as Saalam will host over 400 delegates from all over the world who will discuss a particularly full and close agenda, whose main objective is to take up the key challenges of the telecommunications business in Africa and develop a strategic overall picture about its future. The Capacity Conference, will also allow the companies that are present to fix bilateral agreements, thus encouraging the establishment of partnerships and of trade agreements.


The weight of Africa in the telco business

The international telecommunications companies and players, for some years, have increasingly considered Africa as a market with an enormous and largely unexpressed potential. This is confirmed by some figures about the IT and mobile sector. Despite the excellent results obtained in the last few years, nowadays the Africans who have no access to an Internet connection are still 74% of total, the mobile broadband penetration rate is 17% (against the worldwide 47%) whereas the fixed one is steady at 0.5%. These figures show that there are wide growth margins. To exploit them, however, we need some organic strategies, innovations and infrastructural investments. The Capacity Conferences are intended just as a place of discussion and study to concretize the role of telco as a driving force of the economic development for the whole of Africa.