Palermo, the Sicilian hub that brings East and West together

Palermo is one of the five TLC hubs in Sicily, an international transit point for undersea internet cables. Two strategic lines pass through this county town, connecting Asia and Europe. Also for this reason, Carini, in the province of Palermo, was chosen as the headquarters of the “Open Hub Med” project, in which VueTel Italia has participations, to construct a neutral hub, open to all carriers from around the world. 

Palermo at the centre: FLAG and SeaMeWe4

Palermo, together with Mazara del Vallo, Catania, Trapani and Pozzallo, is one of the hubs that make Sicily a crossroads for global telecommunications. There are 18 cables reaching the shores of the island, and some are capable of connecting strategic hubs. In particular, Palermo is a stopping point for two amongst the most important lines that connect Asia and Europe, the FLAG Europe-Asia and SeaMeWe 4. FLAG is a cable that starts from Miura (Japan) and, after a journey of 28,000 kilometres, arrives in Porthcurno (United Kingdom), crossing the Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean sea, and, indeed, touching Sicily. SeaMeWe 4, instead, with its 20,000 km, unites Singapore with Marseille (France), always passing through the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal.

Strategic Mediterranean

In 2016, Palermo, and, specifically Carini, will be protagonist of a new Italian project, which will involve also VueTel Italia, amongst other firms. It is Open Hub Med, a neutral hub for the exchange of data traffic, open to the major international carriers. The choice aims at enhancing the international importance of Sicily (and Italy) in the telecommunications network, also given its strategical geographical position. The Mediterranean, already for a few years, has been at the centre of the attention of the most important international companies, because it is a natural basin, able to connect Europe to Asia and Africa, the two continents where the TLC market is experiencing the highest growth rhythms. To manage this area, therefore, means to carve a role a prime importance in the global arena. A chance that Italy needs to try to exploit in the best possible way.