Combes, CEO of Alcatel Lucent: “We point to Africa”

Alcatel Lucent points to Africa.

“Africa is the heart of tomorrow.” These the words spoken by Michel Combes, CEO of Alcatel Lucent, while talking about the company’s development plans that intend to focus on the African continent as a target market. The African people, in fact, have a growing need for connectivity to address the profound socio-economic changes that await them in the coming years.

Digitalization is an important catalyst for development and innovation and the challenge is mainly on the ultra-wideband level. Falling behind on this front would be deeply damaging to Africa, which would fail to keep up the pace with the global economy, where globalization and the advent of the Internet have made communications extremely fast.

Combes is keen on also emphasizing that

“thanks to Alcatel-Lucent ‘underwater’ technology, Africa is now connected to the rest of the world through thousands of kilometers of submersed networks systems”.

The goal of the French company is to continue working to develop access to ultra-wideband, so as to ensure the network connection to a growing number of people. For this Alcatel Lucent, present on the territory with a dense network of technical and specialized professionals, brings forward a careful collaboration with governments, regulators and local operators, to encourage investment in telecommunications.

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The agreement with MTN Nigeria.

An example of this desire to continue to grow and invest in Africa is the partnership with MTN Nigeria, the main mobile phone operator in the country, with over 58 million subscribers. The agreement involves the construction, by part of Alcatel Lucent, of a superfast fiber network (100 gigabits per second) that will allow the Nigerian people to benefit from the advantages of ultra-wideband connectivity.

Nigeria has a mobile industry with huge potential, with a number of users that is 275 times that of land lines. This leads to a strong demand for fast and reliable connection, especially to be able to support “heavy” services such as video streaming. MTN Nigeria, thanks to a partnership with Alcatel Lucent, will be able to meet this need and will also offer wholesale services to other providers in the region.

Hatim Zougari, country senior officer of Alcatel-Lucent in Nigeria, commented at the close of the agreement:

“We knew that the priority for MTN was to provide a reliable service to its customers, but also provide ultra-wideband access safeguarding past investments made on the network. We have proven to be able to give them a cost effective solution, which actualizes all of their objectives as no one else has done before.”

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