Vuetel is a telecommunications group working in international wholesale voice and data services market since its foundation in 2008.

The long experience in the international telecommunications sector, with particular reference to both voice and data wholesale services, has allowed us to develop a new universe dedicated to solutions based on artificial intelligence.


The mission of VueTel is to develop the telecommunications sector in Africa, by providing a high quality and secure service, whose objective is made possible thanks to the reliability and flexibility of the infrastructure solutions taken and to the people’s value who run them.

In fact, VueTel has always invested in the best technologies on the market and in its professional skilled staff and collaborators.

It aims to be the perfect partner for telecommunications companies, ISPs, multinational corporations and SMEs that want to work in Africa and in the Mediterranean countries, providing them with a complete and competitive service from and towards these areas of the World.


The vision of VueTel is to become the main carrier for telecommunication services of the whole African market.
The intent is to ensure communications with Africa and the Middle East, using the best technologies available and making use of professionals and collaborators of the highest profile.

The world is evolving fast and we want to keep pace with the times.

The Group places the search for talent and the enhancement of professional skills at the core of its corporate culture.

This goal is achieved through the Company’s ongoing commitment to its employees and the environment in which they work. Values such as responsibility, loyalty, integrity and the propensity for collaboration and flexibility form the basis of internal and external relations with customers, suppliers and institutions.

VueTel firmly believes in ongoing training and that is why, in recent years, it has forged direct ties with the major Italian and international universities to recruit the most promising candidates motivated to make close contact with the telecommunications business.

We created TLC Lab, a training and professional team to attract the best talents from several universities. We created a dedicated web platform and a series of events organised in cooperation with universities and organisations, in particular with the faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia. We started in 2016, together with the faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia the construction of the 1st antifraud system based on AI for national and international telephone traffic.

Years of R&D for our Blockchain networks

Thanks to our 10 years experience in the international telecommunication services in cooperation with our technological partner Sogetel, the company has built the first Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) based platform combined with Artificial Intelligence, to guarantee to any fixed and mobile telecom companies the integrity and transparency of the service in the provisioning of local, national and international telephone calls.



VueTel was set up in Rome in December 2008.


The company installed the first server in Virginia.


VueTel entered the data services market.



Start up of VueTel USA Operations



Development of the first Blockchain Platform for Voice traffic


Company Profile

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