Connect4Change, an experience to replicate

Connect4Change is a consortium of Dutch companies, which in the five-year period 2011-2016 has set itself the objective of developing corporate social responsibility projects using ICT. Projects cover health, education and economic development.

ICT at the service of development

The tools associated with Information and Communication Technology have amply demonstrated their ability to change the world, even in the field of corporate social responsibility. It is no coincidence that ICT is employed because of its driving force in achieving the so-called Millennium Development Goals set by the international community. Modern technologies can create opportunities, increase skills and help fight poverty.

The five Dutch companies, Akvo, Cordaid, Edukans, ICCO and IICD, which in 2011 established Connect4Change, did so on the basis of these aspects of new technologies. C4C was established as a Consortium for the promotion and implementation of projects that take advantage of the potential social impact of ICT. The three sectors chosen were education, health and economic development.

Connect4Change’s work

The work carried out by C4C is based on a very specific vision: “a world in which people, especially young people and women, have access to relevant information and can build a future”. On the basis of this vision the Consortium has implemented numerous projects in 11 different countries over the last five years:  Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

In Africa alone the initiatives number 73, many of which focus on the use of mobile technologies for preventative health care: to encourage correct behaviour and accelerate the fight against the continent’s most widespread and lethal diseases. A field of interest is the agriculture project in Ethiopia as well to create a network among small farmers for the exchange of information, skills and best practices.