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Cyber security: frauds and felonies in 2016 lead to a billion-dollar loss

AFRICA – Cyber Security has become a serious fact to keep in consideration in order to prevent cyber crimes.
In 2016 cyber attacks cost Africa USD 895 million , according to an assessment by the Kenyan study Serianu Ltd, in a report titled “Attack on cybersecurity: improving visibility to increase awareness”.

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According to Serianu experts, Nigeria suffered the biggest loss in the territory, estimated at USD 550 million. The other four countries that were hit the most are Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, with respective losses of USD 50, 85, 175, 35 million.

The Kenyan study highlights that the majority of institutions and organisations in Africa are ill-prepared to fight cybercrime and that many losses are due to insufficient funds and the absence of qualified professionals. Based in Nairobi, Serianu is an IT services and communications consulting firm (Ict/Tic).

Source: www.infoafrica.it