Digitalisation: Africa leading to a growth of $ 3 billion by 2026

The digitalisation will create in the African continent a growth of $ 3 billion by 2026.

The African Digitalisation Maturity Report 2017 analyzed the levels of digitalisation of the African continent, focusing mainly on South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia. The assessment was based primarily on four categories. The first is the economic maturity, that is the estimate of the size, growth and the economy’s sophistication.

The second category, the environment, evaluates the manner in which a country has a business, legal and regulatory environment that supports and protects the digital economy. The third, the infrastructure, is the extent to which the country has invested in the infrastructure ICT to support the digital economy. The last category is the digital literacy, which focuses on human capital endowment of a country.

The results obtained made  a ranking based on the level of digitalization reached, which sees South Africa first, Kenya’s second, third and Nigeria fourth Ethiopia.

Sabine Dall’Omo, Southern Siemens CEO and East Africa, said to compete in the digital age it is necessary for Africa a change in the traditional way of thinking, collaboration between governments, the implementation of policy and creating an enabling environment for knowledge sharing.

“Just look at the impact of mobile technology and smart phones in Africa to see how innovation can overtake old technologies to an almost breathtaking speed,” he added Dall’Omo.