Digitalization in Burkina Faso

Digitalisation in Burkina Faso

How is digitalization in Burkina Faso? We are taliking about one of the most populous countries in the whole of West Africa with a population of 18.90 million.
The rate of urbanisation is 31%, but only a small segment routinely uses the Internet and devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

Only 2.15 million people are in fact active web users and only 0.73% actively use social media, the most popular of which is Facebook.

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Current figures compared to 2016 show a growth of 21% among web users and a +46% increase in social media use. Among digital users, 20% access the network via a desktop computer, while 77% do so through a smartphone, resulting in a slight growth of 6% compared to 2016.

Facebook remains the most used social media platform with 730 thousand active users per month, although the gender gap is wide with men accounting for 76% of users and women just 24%. Overall, this discrepancy between the sexes is a very common trend throughout the entire African continent.