Digitalisation in North America

Media on the web is now increasingly vast and involves every part of the world in different ways. We can see below to what extent North America is assimilating the digital evolution and keeping apace.

Bermuda bermuda

With a population of 61,510 people, at least 59 thousand can be defined as active users of the web, while 40 thousand are also active on social media.

With a slight decline of 13% of Internet users, the population of Bermuda has recorded a 14% growth of active social media users compared to the previous year, while there has been no significant difference between males and females.

Canada canada

Canada has 36,460 million inhabitants, of which approximately 33,000 are active users of the web and 23,000 are also active on social media. 82% use a smartphone, while 78% also use a laptop computer. 5% use a wearable gadget such as a smartwatch.

Some interesting data on daily access to the network: the average daily time spent on a PC or tablet is 5 hours and 49 minutes, while time spent on a tablet or smartphone is 1 hour and 42 minutes.

Greenland greenland

With a population of 56,220 people, approximately 52 thousand people are active users with a 92% penetration rate. 29% of the active population uses smartphones to connect to the Internet, decreasing by 12% compared to 2015, while the proportion of the population that chooses to connect by a laptop grew by one point only to reach 57%.

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon france

The total population is 6,310 people, of which 71% are active users of the Internet. The smartphone has seen significant growth in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, increasing by 71% compared to 2015, reaching 7% of the active population.
The use of desktop computers, however, predominates with 72% of the population.

USA united-states

The United States has a population of 325 million people, of which 286.9 million are active users of the web with an interpenetration rate of 88%.
The average time spent online for the average American is approximately 6 hours and 22 minutes from a desktop and 2 hours from a mobile device.
Facebook remains the most widely used social media platform (72%) followed by YouTube (72%), Messenger (42%) and Twitter (39%).