numérisation en Afrique

Digitisation in Africa: How Nigeria stays up to date

The average level of digitisation in Africa is by no means high: indeed, there are many countries where access to the Internet and to digital devices is reserved to only the very few and there is a significance gap between genders.

Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a country in West Africa. With 21.14 million inhabitants, it is the most populated country of the continent.

Digitisation in Nigeria does not differ to the continent average: the Internet penetration rate is only at 2%: a mere 0.47 million people are online.

The ability to connect to the Web opens a world of interconnected processes, including social media.
The number of active users is at 0.40 million, in other words, all those able to connect to the Web.
Although these figures might appear to have decreased since January 2016, Internet users have increased by 19% and the number of social media active users has increased by 111% in the same period.

Internet use in Nigeria: what devices?

use of computer

The use of desktop computers has decreased by 50% year on year, while 93% of active users are connected via smartphone.
Gender inequalities remain unchanged: 81% of Facebook users in Nigeria are male, while only 19% are female.