E-commerce: in Sub-Saharian Africa shoppers don’t trust buying online

A majority of Africans in Sub-Saharan do not trust online shopping sites, this is according to a recent GeoPoll survey conducted in 5 African countries; Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana on online shopping following a Black Friday frenzy seen in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Many were not aware of Black Friday and the few that were did not have disposable money to spend. This short poll among Kenyans led us to conduct this survey among Africans in the SubSaharan countries that have exhibited some growth of ecommerce. We sought to find out if, by adopting the Black Friday sale concept, African E-commerce business have managed to somehow overcome the numerous challenges facing the nascent industry.

Experience with e-commerce

Among the top reasons sighted why many in these 5 African countries do not frequently use online shopping sites are; lack of trust, shipping costs, unsupported payment methods and because a friend had a bad experience. Other reasons filled were lack or reliability of some sites in delivery and the purchase process. Others feel that there is no need as the items are readily available at their local store.

Logistics & customer satisfaction

According to a New Yorker article on e-commerce in Africa, motor bikes have made a huge impact on the on delivery of goods by ecommerce sites. Due to this, many online shoppers are happy with delivery speeds in all the 5 countries.
Of all the things customers liked about their shopping experience, delivery and quality ranked among the top reasons for customer satisfaction. This is closely followed by cost.

According to Quartz, e-commerce businesses are simply fighting to stay afloat right now. As seen in our survey, there is still prevalent lack of trust in ecommerce sites. As noted by Quartz, even Amazon took years to turn a profit. The GeoPoll survey was conducted to 1,251 respondents in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

Source: www.itnewsafrica.com