Edge computing: what future for telcos?

The growth of the distributed model could generate new turnover for fixed and mobile operators thanks to the development of new services for 5G and IoT networks. But cloud providers and OTTs also participate in the game. The role of prefabricated modular data centers and energy efficiency technologies is fundamental

The development of edge computing is about to create new revenue opportunities for network operators. Telecommunications companies are thus able to create a platform for the development of their edge services, obtaining significant cost savings thanks to the combination of existing mobile phone networks and aggregation points, as can be edge data centers.
So says the study in the report “Telcos and Edge Computing: opportunity, threat or distraction?“, Published by Vertim and Omdia.

This study carries forward the idea that the exponential growth of the edge can make the market develop and thus create a large number of competitors. In fact, about 36% of the participants in the survey highlighted how network service operators will be decisive in the development of new services in the edge.

“Communications service providers (Csp) are confident that they will be able to reap good results from the emerging edge computing market, while other potential operators, including public cloud providers and media companies offering services Internet over-the-top (Oct), are equally attracted to the prospect of providing the edge, “said Julian Bright, Omdia’s senior telecoms analyst and research author.

The report continues by analyzing the implications of the transition to edge computing for telephone carriers. In all likelihood, a key role will be played by modular prefabricated data centers. These will help telco service providers deliver the edge infrastructures that will come (with growth forecasting from 1.2 billion in 2018 to 4.3 billion in 2023).

The Omdia study analyzes the implications of the transition to edge computing for telephone carriers, also indicating the best tactics and strategies to capitalize on the growth of the edge.

Energy efficiency, a problem to be solved


However, another question that is far from irrelevant remains on the table, that of energy efficiency. Energy consumption is a top concern for 5G service providers as it weighs between 20 and 40% on network Opex.
The entire telecommunications sector needs 5G energy efficient solutions, especially for all technologies that consume more energy.


Source: corrierecomunicazioni.it