eLearnAfrica, the on-line training company expands its network

eLearnAfrica is a social enterprise that aims to increase and widen access to vocational training in the African continent. It does this primarily through a digital education portal that is still growing, thanks to agreements with private companies in various African countries.

E-learning for Africa

Digitalisation, for Africa, can be an essential tool for socio-economic development. Access to the network provides possible solutions for the continent’s main challenges, from health, to education and the protection of human rights in the workplace. This issue is garnering a growing awareness, made evident by the proliferation of initiatives that focus on promoting the Internet as a tool for growth. An example of this work is eLearnAfrica, a social enterprise active in the field of on-line vocational training and now the leading on-line provider of vocational courses. It counts the continent’s leading institutions and companies as its partners.

One of Africa’s main strengths is its wide availability of workforce. It is a huge and young continent, and such potential requires the best tools and training to make strides in the workplace. On the other hand, raising the professional level of resources can only have positive effects on businesses and on their competitiveness, including internationally. This is why e-learning, capable of reaching the continent’s rural areas where infrastructure is lacking, can be a strategic solution.

A growing network

The eLearnAfrica network demonstrates exceptional dynamism and capacity for growth. A few weeks ago, for example, a partnership with FutureLearn was announced, a social learning platform that has over 4.5 million students, most prevalently in the United Kingdom. Another important agreement that eLearnAfrica has signed is with itSM Solutions that, through the African platform, aims to distribute over 1,400 training courses, across 175 different areas.