Gartner report: emerging markets driving smartphone sales

A report produced by Gartner Inc takes a look at global sales of smartphones. The market is still in a phase of double-digit expansion: +15%. The lion’s share is from emerging countries, while the trend in more advanced nations is slowing.

The global market for smartphones

Gartner Inc, a consultancy and research business in the field of IT, has published a report on the state of the international smartphone market. In the 3rd quarter of 2015, annualised growth in the sector was 15.5%, confirmation of the double-digit rate of growth. There are still basically two main players in the market, Apple and Samsung, with a third “inconvenient” player growing fast: Huawei. Samsung continues to have the largest market share (23.7%), although slightly down; Apple has increased its share to 13.1%, and remains in the lead of the luxury phones sector. Behind it, growing rapidly, is the Chinese giant Huawei, in third place (7.7%) having usurped Lenovo. On the operating system front, competition is much less intense: Android holds 84.7% of the market; behind it is Ios (13.1%) and, a long way off and falling, Windows (1.7%).

The role of the emerging countries

The growth of the smartphone market is a feature throughout the world. However, not all countries are moving at the same pace and, contrary to what might be expected, the lion’s share is being taken by the emerging countries, not the developed countries. In nations which are economically more advanced, in fact, the boom in smart devices is slowing down, and the rate of growth has fallen to 8.2%. In the emerging countries, on the other hand, the trend is in the opposite direction: rising ever more strongly and reaching a peak of 18.4%. The reason is primarily to be found in the increasingly widespread marketing of low cost smart devices, which can be bought even by the less well-off sectors of the population.