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Fast Internet: Open Hub Med, the Data Centre in the Mediterranean has arrived

The Open Hub Med’s technological data centre, located in Carini-Palermo in Sicily, has finally been put into operation. Italy will become a critical bridge connecting the Internet network of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

In this respect Italy, particularly Sicily, benefits from a prime geographic location in the heart of this nerve centre. Until now, however, such potential has not been fully exploited due to both the lack of adequate land infrastructures capable of detecting traffic transmitted by submarine caves, and to the absence of a free-competition regime.

VueTel has brought together a consortium of nine companies to launch the Open Hub Med project, which aims to reverse this trend and give Italy a key role in the international TLC landscape. The Carini data centre provides the most advanced technological systems that ensure service continuity and scalability of internal infrastructures and large-scale power supply over time.

The true strength of this hub is the ease with which customers will be able to install their equipment in racks or make use of equipment made available by OHM, all in short time and at low cost.
Throughout the Southern Mediterranean, Open Hub Med is a unique entity for Internet connections. It is, in fact, the first neutral technological and carrier-independent headquarters that allows operators, OTTs and companies to house their technology equipment.

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Open Hub Med: how was this entity created?

Open Hub Med came from the founding partners’ idea to create a consortium that can connect certain geographic areas, the like of which has never been seen before. In addition to Vuetel, the other founding members are Eolo, Equinix Italia, Fastweb, In-Site, Interoute, Italtel, MIX (Milan Internet Exchange), Retelit, SUPERNAP Italia and XMED.

Fastweb will also soon activate its network and be able to meet connectivity needs.
Open Hub Med’s ultimate aim is to transform the Mediterranean area into a central crossroads for traffic development that goes from South to East.

The aim is to make the Mediterranean central in the aggregation and development of
traffic coming from South to East.