Free Basics, the Internet for all, continues to grow and arrives in Nigeria too

Free Basics, in collaboration with Facebook, hundreds of developers, governments and mobile telephone providers, is a platform that allows more than 42 countries to connect, absolutely free of charge, through mobile data. A constantly growing experience that has recently arrived in Nigeria as well 

Free Basics for the Internet for all

It is called Free Basics and it is the Facebook platform for the Internet for all, capable of providing users with access to useful services on their mobile phones in markets where access to the network is still too highly priced. In collaboration with hundreds of developers and governments, Free Basics offers access to basic websites for local users this way. In fact, if it is true that more than 85% of the global population lives in areas with Internet coverage, it is just as true that mobile data is quite costly and not always easily reachable.

Free, “to improve the life of users” 

With this platform, websites are available at no cost. This way, thanks to collaboration with mobile telephone providers, users are able to experience “the knowledge and inspiration that comes from access to basic websites, free of charge – as the Free Basics site itself reports – With the introduction of people to the benefits and advantages of the Internet through these websites, we hope to bring more and more users online and to thereby contribute to improving their lives.”

Also in Nigeria thanks to Bharti Airtel

As of today, the platform is available in 42 countries and where the African territory is concerned, just this May, Bharti Airtel, a leading telecommunications services provider with operations in 17 countries all over Africa, launched Free Basics in Nigeria. “Proud of this great step forward in our partnership with Facebook, bringing more people online in the most populated country of Africa and contributing to reducing the digital gap even further” said Christian de Faria, MD and CEO of Airtel Africa, as reported on the website