From this year 5 million Italians ready for 5G

What is the impact that 5G is having on early smartphone users around the world? This question was answered by the largest study ever carried out on the pioneers of fifth generation networks, carried out by Ericsson among consumers in 26 markets including the United States, China, United Kingdom and Italy. In our country, 5G has a potential market of 5 million smartphone users who could switch to this new connection already in the current year, according to Ericsson’s elaboration on the data obtained from the answers of one thousand respondents, of which 215 early user, as part of the Five ways to better 5G research, between last December and February.

The share of consumers who want to switch to 5G in Italy is 27%, higher than in other European countries such as Germany, France or the United Kingdom. A fraction of less than 32% recorded in 2019: according to the Swedish multinational, the slow implementation of 5G, the financial uncertainty induced by the pandemic and the disinformation campaign affected the decline.

Ericsson, committed to building radio systems for 5G all over the world, highlights five emerging trends in Italy, among the first users of the new networks, starting from the need to fill the knowledge gap, without which, 23% more of smartphone users would have adopted 5G by the end of 2020.

It is interesting to understand that 17% of Italian users have decreased the use of wifi after switching to 5G, so much so that network coverage in closed spaces is considered more important than speed and battery consumption, in terms of satisfaction of the 5G user.

In conclusion, 44% of early adopters in Italy are satisfied with the speed, but 71% would like more innovative apps and services. It is absolutely relevant to understand that consumers would be willing to pay 22% more for 5G subscriptions including digital services. However, two thirds of all use cases are still in the demonstration or development phase.