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Ghana: projects launched to extend telecommunications services in rural areas

The Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) has launched 54 projects to extend mobile telephony network coverage to rural communities across the country. Reporting on the initiative, local media state that the project’s economic value is worth 12 million dollars and will be carried out in collaboration with the Swedish company Ericsson and the South African group MTN.

Based on the information available, the initiative will see the installation of masts and telephone antennae that can provide 100% coverage for the entire country.

The objective stated by the government is to ensure that rural communities with about one thousand inhabitants. The installation of antennae is generally deemed uneconomical by private mobile telephony operators, can access the mobile network.

The project will see the installation and start-up of the most suitable network systems and related infrastructure. According to local media, representatives from communities or villages not yet covered by mobile telephony services, whose populations equal or exceed 1,000 inhabitants, can submit formal applications to GIFEC to participate in the project and be selected for the installation of infrastructures.