Giovanni Ottati (VueTel Italia) to Il Sole 24 Ore: “We intend to thrive in Tunisia”

The 750 Italian entrepreneurs who actively work in Tunisia represent a 25% of the country’s businesses. In the aftermath of the attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunis, they seem determined to stay, refusing to be cowed by those who want to undermine the country’s economic and political stability.

Roberto Bongiorni from “Il Sole 24Ore” interviewed some of these entrepreneurs to tell their stories and their plans for the future. Amongst them also Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia, a telecom company that plays an important role in the Tunisian economy, considering that the telecommunications sector represents 55% of the country’s GDP.

Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia

Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia

Vuetel Italia has been investing in the North African country for quite a long time now, with great results. At the moment it controls the 65% of Vuetel Tunisia.

“In 2010 our turnover was 2,7 millions of euros” said Ottati “in 2011 it was 12 million, in 2013 we reached 61 millions, and 90 millions in 2014. Tunisia is the gateway for the promising sub saharan market”.

The company’s investment goes beyond the mere infrastructure program, and taps into the human resources as well. As the CEO explains, Vuetel is already hiring young Tunisian graduates:

“The efficient Tunisian Universities produce competent technicians in the engineering and ITC sectors. The Tunisian people have struggled for a long time, and have now given themselves a renewed institutional balance. Even a moderate islamic party such as Ennahda has contributed to the country’s growth. We intend to remain here and thrive”.

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