Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017, Tunisia wins in Africa

Tunisia has the most favourable economic fabric for businesses in Africa, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017, a study conducted by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute, which measures the entrepreneurial propensity of 137 countries. The North African country was placed in front of higher-profile African countries, such as South Africa and Morocco.

The Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute is an American organisation involved in studies, research and monitoring on the issue of entrepreneurship. Based on this activity, every year the Institute publishes the Global Entrepreneurship Index, a ranking that measures the entrepreneurial propensity of 137 countries in the world. The GEDI bases this analysis on criteria involving the perception of entrepreneurship in society, the level of risk, quality of education, skills in the field of start-ups, the spread of the Internet, level of corruption, freedom of economic initiative and quality of the capital market. All these elements combine to determine a score associated to each country and consequently, to the final ranking. At the top of the rankings for 2017 are the United States, followed by Switzerland and Canada.

Tunisia leads Africa

Looking specifically at the situation in Africa, the general data is not very promising but shows ample signs of improvement compared to previous years. Ranked in first place out of the African countries is Tunisia which is placed 42nd in the general ranking, jumping ahead by a good 20 places compared to last year. The remaining podium holders in Africa are Botswana, in 52nd place and South Africa in 55th place. Numerous North African nations occupy the top ten places: Morocco (5th in Africa, 70th overall), Algeria (6th / 73rd) and Egypt (8th / 81st). The other positions are taken up by Namibia (4th / 60th), Gabon (7th / 75th) Ghana (9th / 86th) and Zambia (10th / 96th).