Health, education, women and humanitarian emergencies: 4 mobile projects for social issues

Four projects in which mobile will be used for social issues, dedicated to health, education, inclusion of women and humanitarian emergencies. Effective and innovative to the point of earning a prize at the 2016 Global Mobile Awards.

Drones for good – Health

This is the initiative that Etisalat will use to promote the use of drones for social welfare. In particular, during the 2016 Global Mobile Awards it was recognised as the project that is using these devices to bring polio vaccines to one of the most remote areas on the planet, giving a literal and figurative shot in the arm to the fight against this serious disease.

Worldreader Mobile – Education

digital bookstore just a click away and designed to be used by the poorest families on low cost smartphones. This is Worldreader Mobile, an app to promote education and learning in the most disadvantaged segments of society. Today, this platform, created by the non-profit association with the same name, along with Opera Mini, counts more than 1 million users, who have access to a database of about 28,500 books.

Kirmizi Isik – Women

Vodafone has the project dedicated to women, which takes on the serious problem of gender-based violence. The project makes available a series of mobile apps that offer activated services during emergencies for reaching immediate support and help: fast calls, geolocation, automatic reporting to local authorities, etc.

Post-earthquake aid in Nepal – Humanitarian emergencies

FlowminderNCell and Telia Sonera, in the days after the violent earthquake in Nepal (2015), started up an intense activity of collecting and processing data related to the movement of refugees in space and time. The resulting reports allowed the organisations involved to better manage the humanitarian emergency, ensuring better coordination and more effective responses.