Hospitals 3.0: more efficient and comfortable thanks to new technologies

30According to experts, systematic, in-depth application of new telecommunications technologies to hospitals will reduce costs and improve performance. Clients will be more comfortable and have services tailored to their needs.

Medical records on the “cloud”

National health systems have problems, just about everywhere. These are caused by the weight of ever growing overheads, and having to deal with shrinking public investments. The risk is a general collapse. According to many, the solution lies in new technologies, especially those linked to telecommunications. In this view, hospitals will only survive if they are “connected”.

An example of these possible developments is MCloud, a tool that de-materialises medical records transferring all patient data onto the “cloud”. In this way, analyses, diagnoses, operations and the single person’s entire medical history will be available to all doctors, at any time and anywhere. That would make it easier to identify the best structure to treat the patient in, and send him/her there fast. It could increase efficiency by 50%. At the same time, being able to share data in real time would help information and essential opinions to circulate, enabling an up to 75%, reduction in misdiagnoses.


“Smart hospital” friendly and personalised

Hence the benefits that new technologies could bring to management and treatment. But 3.0 hospitals will also be more comfortable for patients. Rooms, now mainly cold and aseptic, will be equipped with top quality communication systems connecting them with both the rest of the hospital and the outside. Patients, both hospitalised and not, can be informed and manage their analyses and tests through specific apps. This means no more queues at the counter and long waits. And doctors will be able to share information in real time and consult each other on decisions to be made.

A“futuristic” scenario but which, according to experts, is not so very far away and impossible to achieve.