ICT for businesses, a new service from Angola

ANGOLA & ICT – Internet Technologies Angola (ITA), telecommunications service provider to large national companies of varying types, from oil to banks to insurance, has launched a new service called “Maxnet” to make the costs of small and medium enterprises that aim to access Internet services at affordable prices more flexible.

The “ITA Maxnet” package was developed to ensure quick and frequent calls through a monthly subscription that could cost between 4,000 and 35,000 Angolan Kwanza (equivalent to a price somewhere between 22 and 200 Euros).

“The product was created to meet the needs of those entrepreneurs who need Internet services at reasonable prices, we want to continue to support small and medium enterprises and strongly believe in the economic development of Angola” stated the Executive Director ITA, Rolf Mendelsohn.

“Last year ITA grew by 5% with orders reaching 3.5 billion Kwanza (20 million Euros), this year we are aiming for a growth of 10% and to expand our services to 18 provinces in the country and to create new ones in the provinces of Zaire and Uige”.

Internet Technologies Angola (ITA) has 140 employees, 95% of which are of Angolan nationality. This year the company plans to make more investments in the distribution capabilities of Internet services. There are also numerous social projects such as aid to schools in installing computer facilities and lessons on innovation and technology.

Source: www.infoafrica.it