ICT & TLC: dedicated international events in July

From Rome to Milan and from Manchester to Lisbon: numerous international events in July dedicated to the Telecommunications industry and the ICT sector. VueTel Italia will be attending the Mediterranean Telecom Exchange in Rome.

Mediterranean Telecom Exchange

First edition of the Mediterranean Telecom Exchange, an event dedicated to the major players of the international wholesale TLC industry. Exhibition stands, round tables, debates and conferences will lead what promises to be an excellent business and networking opportunity for the key players of the industry’s largest companies. In Rome, from the 3rd to the 5th July.

Fujitsu World Tour

The Fujitsu World Tour is one of the biggest roadshows dedicated to the ICT sector worldwide. The 2016 edition will be held on the 5th July in Milan and will focus on the theme of “Human Centric Innovation in Action” to demonstrate how best to apply the most innovative technology to date in the industry. Not just the Internet of Things, Big Data and Mobile then, but also many other cutting-edge digital solutions.

DataCentre Transformation Manchester

The DataCentre Transformation Manchester (12th July) is an important event promoted by the University of Manchester. Organised by Angel Business Communications, in association with Datacentre Solutions, the University of Leeds and Data Center Alliance, the event will involve a series of conferences and thematic workshops managed by industry specialists who will present survey data carried out throughout the year by Datacentre Solutions and the DCA.

ICETE, from the 26th to the 28th July in Lisbon 

For its 13th edition the ICETE – International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications – will organise a major joint conference bringing together researchers, engineers, professionals and all those interested in the world of information technology and communication. On the table will be in-depth analysis relating to various themes: network communication data, e-business, optical communication systems but also security, encryption, signal processing, multimedia applications and mobile and wireless networks. The event is scheduled to be held from the 26th to the 28th July in Lisbon.