The Liquid Telecom project for connectivity in Kenya

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is at the centre of a development plan by Liquid Telecom, a company very active in Africa that wants to increase the country’s high-speed connections. The expected investment is worth more than a million dollars.

Kenya’s potentials

“We want to continue to contribute to Kenya’s economic development by assuring it of faster, more efficient connectivity.” This is how Ben Roberts, CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya, summarised the goal of the investment that the company is getting ready to make to strengthen the network in Kenya. Today, Kenya is the leader among African countries in terms of internet and mobile connexions. By the end of 2015, the number of users surfing the web was in the neighbourhood of 30 million and mobile subscribers with data connexions were reported to be just under 20 million, with a leap of more than 5 million in a single quarter. This makes it a real engine, with the hunger for “high speed” being driven by the business sector, especially small and medium-sized companies. And this is the demand that Liquid Telecom would like to meet.

Liquid Telecom’s commitment

The investment that this company will put into action in 2016 is worth about 1 million dollars, and it will follow two routes: the completion of the metropolitan Nairobi network and the strengthening of the Wi-Fi network in that country. To date, Liquid Telecom has built a completely independent network that assures high performance to all the users in this sector. The company brought high-speed connexions to 39 of the 47 provinces in Kenya, and got about 200 Wi-Fi hotspots up and running in some strategic cities. Now, with this new development plan, it intends to work on the network in the capital, increasing the speed up to ten-fold, and for Wi-Fi coverage, installing hundreds of new hot spots throughout the country.