In Kenya you can report crimes with a smartphone

In Kenya recently it is possible to report crimes in real time thanks to a mobile application which is launched by the Kenya’s National Crime Research Centre (NCRC).

It collects, collates, reports and uses data to make individuals and communities inclusive, safer and free by giving them opportunity to report crime incidences in specific localities in real time,” NCRC announced.

The App will significantly reduce unreported crime, because it has security features that will guarantee the information received will be held in confidence and the privacy of those who report crimes will be respected,” the head of the state agency, Gerald Wandera told local media.

The app also allows users to upload photographs, PDF and audio files related to the crime they are reporting.


As at mid-2016, the crime rate in Kenya had declined from 48 per cent in November 2015, to 35 per cent in June 2016, according to research by Ipsos.

According to the findings, less than half of crime victims reported the matter to the police, with 54 per cent saying they did not want to take the matter further, and another 40 per cent feeling the police are inefficient and corrupt.

Three per cent of respondents said the police station was too far and another three per cent said they fear the police.


Source: www.africanews.com