In Nigeria mobile devices and broadband are growing

Nigeria is one of the most connected countries in Africa. The Nigerian Communication Commission has published data on the spread of the internet that shows a constant increase in the use of the net through mobile devices (+13.6% in just 6 months). A trend destined to further grow due to proposed government investments in broadband.

Nigeria is “mobile”

There are more than 92 million Nigerians that connect to the internet through mobile devices. The data issued by the Nigerian Communication Commission, and relating to the end of the first half of 2015 marks an increase of 13.6 % compared to the beginning of the year. However, the balance of power between the top three telephone companies in the country remains markedly unchanged. MTN is the market leader with over 40 million customers, 1.3 million more than six months previous. Then there is Airtel Nigeria, with 17.5 million users (+2.6). Finally with 15.2 million customers, is Etisalat, who in fact show the largest increase in the period: +5.2 million.

Objective: 30%

The growth of mobile connections is expected to continue, hand in hand with the increasing popularity of the smartphone. In fact, the next generation phones, along with the introduction of LTE technology, represent the key areas on which Nigeria has decided to focus in order to increase the broadband penetration rate in the country. The objective, in terms of fast connections, is very ambitious: the National Broadband Plan aims for a ratio of 30% by 2018. A target that today seems distant, considering the current penetration rate is 10% (it has nearly doubled in the last two years). However, according to experts, the challenge can be met, especially if public sector and private investors are able to find a way to create networks and build advantageous partnerships.