In Nigeria, the postal service will offer E-commerce and E-government services

NIGERIA – The state-owned postal company Nigerian Postal Service (Nipost) will offer E-commerce and E-government services over the course of this year.

This news comes from the Federal Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, who explains how the new services will be offered in addition to the Nipost mandate, operating in the distribution of postal services.
The Nipost mandate was extended at the same time to the will of the Federal Government of Abuja in order to simplify access to public administration.

This will improve the business climate in Nigeria, a country that is going through a period of recession due to the drop in oil prices on international markets.

The Minister of Communications Shittu stated: “It is well known that modern services offered by communications and information technology (ICT) help to make life simpler, facilitating companies to operate more efficiently and even allowing governments to act more effectively for its citizens“.